Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pin It to Win It

Pin it to Win it contest!

I LOVE naturally I would absolutely LOVE to see some Prickly Pear stuff be pinned!

Cue a contest :)

Here's how it's going to work:
  1. If you don't already have a pinterest account, get one!  If you need an invite just let me know!
  2. Once you have an account, or if you already have account, follow my boards at Pinterest
  3. Pin something from the Spring/Summer 2012 line from the pictures posted on the blog (the previous post)
  4. Post a comment to this blog telling me you pinned a photo!
  5. For every pin, you will receive and entry into the contest.
  6. Contest will run from 5/17/2012 through 5/20/2012
  7. Winner will be chosen at 10pm CST on 5/20/2012
  8. Winner will get any item from the Spring/Summer line FREE!
Good luck!

Spring/Summer 2012 Photos

More Spring/Summer 2012 Photos!

I couldn't resist sharing ALL of the photos from our super fun Las Vegas photo shoot!  The girls looked too cute for words and were soooo excited.  They were little troopers, it was windy as all get out and they still somehow worked out some AWESOME shots!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

For purchasing information please visit my facebook site at Prickly Pear or my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More sneak peek pics!

I am sooo in love with these photos! Dana and her "butler" did a fantastic job! Head pieces are from La Couture Amore, hair bows are by Princess Elise Bowtique!  The pant and top outfit and two of the dresses are made from patterns by Create Kids Couture!
Click on the link below to view more pics!
Urban Visions blog

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

I love hunting for things, especially if there is a reward involved!  The reward for this egg hunt is 50% off any one item from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 you'll be able to order before the lineup is officially announced :)  Details are listed out below!

  1. Instructions must be followed completely in order for entry to be valid
  2. After you have completed the egg hunt, you must email your answers to AND post a comment to this blog stating that you have completed the hunt
    1. To comment under the post, click on the # of comments, type in your comment and choose how you want to be identified.  If you have a google account or AIM account you can comment via those accounts, but if you don't have any of those accounts you can choose the name/URL option and just enter in your name, you don't have to enter in a URL 
  3. Only one entrant per person
  4. Hunt will run from 4/8/12 through noon PST on 4/9/12
  5. Winner will be chosen via and posted between noon and midnight PST on 4/9/12
OK, so now that you have the rules, here are the instructions!
  1. Find a post or picture, basically anything on the facebook fan page, that meets the item requirements below and comment "Egg hunt" on that item AND write down where you found the item i.e. which photo album, date of the post, etc. so that you can email your answers to me
  2. Once you have found all the items send me your answer list via email and comment to this post
Items to hunt for!
  1. How many Disney themed outfits are there in the photo album "Customer orders" (each outfit only counts once, so you only have to comment under one pic of the outfit)
  2. What is my name?  For this one, you need to like a post or comment where someone referred to me by name :)
  3. Who designed my logo?  Comment under the post that contains this answer
  4. How many different owl appliques are in the applique album?  Comment under each
  5. What is my zip code?
  6.  Like a photo of someone wearing a party dress
  7. Like a photo of a boy wearing something Prickly Pear
That's it!  Have fun hunting!

Adollorable Spring Line Sneak Peek

So, as you all I'm sure already know, I'm gearing up for the release of my spring/summer 2012 line......these are the latest additions :)  My model was very willing, but couldn't stand on her own and therefore is propped up on the counter top, hence the shadow.  Each of these dresses will coordinate with a similar girls dress and will fit both 16" and 18" dolls!  I LOVED dressing up like my dolls when I was younger so this just makes me smile!

Oh soooo excited for my models to take pics with their dolls!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Upcycled Mania

So I had been wanting to do some upcycled outfits since......well I can't remember when!  These outfits are sooooo fun to make because no two outfits are ever the same due to the fact that the colors/fabrics are all second hand and therefore I have no idea what I'm able to find until I actually start shopping!  It was so much fun hunting around for the perfect color combos.  I hope you like what I came up with!  Here are some more pics of the outfits......I meant to take some before pics of what the outfits were originally, but alas, I completely forgot :)