Friday, May 9, 2014

Casual Princess Model Search

The Casual Princess Model Search is over!

There were so many amazing entrants in the model search it was extremely difficult to choose the final models.  I can't wait to work with these girls!

First up, Ariel
Snow White

Sophia the First
Doc McStuffins
Congratulations to all of the new models!  


Frozen Sing Along Contest

When I started the Frozen Sing Along Contest I had no idea how hard it was going to be to choose a winner!  So many great videos were submitted and I had such a great time watching all of them.  I originally was only going to post the top three videos but decided to post the top video in several categories, and of course, the winner! 

Let's start with the top category videos!

Top boy - there were several brothers who tried to help their sisters out, but this one knew every word!
Top Prickly Pear dress - even wrinkly this dress looks cute and the little star wearing it looks even cuter!

Best moves - this kid had me cracking up.......she was mimicking all of Elsa's moves :)

Best singing without music - thoroughly impressed by the memories of these kids!

Best edited video - this mama spent some time making this video!  Awesome editing!
And now for the winner.......there are lots of things I love about this video.  First of all the dress is mama made which I love, second, I love all of the arm movements :)

All category winners get 50% off any Frozen themed order and the winner gets a Frozen dress of their choice!